Concerning teaching I am involved in the Physics undergraduate program as well as the graduate program Computational Life Science.

Course which I taught so far (partially together with colleagues) include but are not limited to

200201 – Advanced Physics B2  (thermodynamics and statistical physics)
200301 – Experimental & Theoretical Physics A I (applied quantum and statistical physics)
200311 – Experimental & Theoretical Physics B I (condensed matter and solid state physics)
200331 – Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods (Course webpage, formerly Computational Physics)
201342 – Statistical Quantum Mechanics
200321 – Experimental and Theoretical Physics Project
200322 – Guided Research Physics
420441 – From Molecules to Matter
420481 – Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
420482 – Advanced Statistical Physics
420531 – Advanced Quantum Mechanics
530462 – Computational Challenges in Biology and Biophysics

For more details and current courses have a look at CampusNet.


previously at Chemnitz University of Technology

Computational Science Master I (2004, 2005),
Computational Science Master II (2004, 2005, 2006),
Dynamics and Relaxation in Molecular Systems (2001),
Solid State Theory (1999),
Seminar (Oberseminar): Dynamik physikalischer Prozesse auf der Nanometerskala (2006)