Light-harvesting complexes


People: Prof. Ulrich Kleinekathöfer, Sayan Maity

Cooperations: Marcus Elstner (Karlsruhe, Germany), Abhishek Singharoy (Arizona State U), Melih Sener (Urbana-Champaign)

The light absorption in light-harvesting complexes is mainly performed by chlorophyll or bilin molecules. Experimental findings in some of these complexes suggest the existence of long-lived coherences between the individual pigments at low temperatures . In this context the question arises if the bath-induced fluctuations at different chromophores are spatially correlated or not. To this end we are performing classical molecular dynamics simulations and quantum chemistry calculations on some light-harvesting systems. In these investigations at different temperatures, only weak correlations between the movements of the chromophores were detected. Furthermore two strategies are followed how to use the input from the atomistic simulations to study the transfer of energy in light-harvesting systems. On the one hand, spectral densities are being determined and density matrix calculations performed. On the other hand, the time-dependent Hamiltonians are directly employed in wave-packet based Ehrenfest calculations.  On top of this, the same techniques can be employed to determine two-dimensional spectra which can be directly linked to experiment.

Please see also the webpage on FMO excitation dynamics.

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